Teaching and learning in clinical practice

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Learning and Teaching Services

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Teaching and Learning in Clinical Practice

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Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Context CPD4454

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec The purpose of this essay is to outline the episode of teaching and learning in clinical practice that I have been involved. It will describe the significance of under penning theory of teaching, It will demonstrate knowledge and understanding teaching and learning methods relate with learning outcomes/objectives, assessment, and evaluation and quality assurance.

Clinical Practice and Learning 2. In Focus Situating clinical learning 3. In Practice Learning opportunities in the ward 4. Book Review; Humanities in Health Care Learning and teaching on the ward Published by the North West Rural Medical Education Unit, Issue 20 April Clinical Practice and Learning The hospital ward is the setting.

Strategies for Clinical Teaching

This is a collaborative, multi-professional programme for those working in a clinical setting, providing the opportunity for participants to improve teaching and assessment. Clinical teaching moves the student beyond the classroom theories to the reality of practicing their profession.

Your role in guiding students through the rigours of responding to professional practice includes bridging the gap between the theoretical application of their learning to safely demonstrating their skills in the workplace.

This is a collaborative, multi-professional programme for those working in a clinical setting, providing the opportunity for participants to improve teaching and assessment skills and understand how individuals learn. May 19,  · The students who participated in peer learning clinical teaching strategy claimed it to be mutually supportive, cooperative, and collaborative, and also to have grown in both the diligence and precision with which they approached their own practice and in the personal confidence with which they made clinical and practice decisions.

Teaching and learning in clinical practice
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Teaching and Learning in a Concept-Based Nursing Curriculum