Problems in 2 wheeler industry

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Journey of Two Wheeler Industry in India. The three segments of motorised two-wheelers are Motorcycles, Scooters and Mopeds. The journey of the Indian Two-wheeler industry can be described briefly based on the advancements in these segments. By Claire Le Guern Last updated in March Introduction.

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Facts About Trucks – Eighteen Wheelers. Legal weight for an eighteen wheeler The legal weight for an eighteen wheeler is 80, lbs.[40 tons].[ kg Canadian] That is without any oversize or overweight permits.

In comparison, the average automobile weighs over somewhere around 5, lbs. Problems in the Two Wheeler Industry - Negative Growth Negative growth is the major problem being faced by companies in the two wheeler industry.

The two wheeler industry. The two-wheeler industry has seen an unexpected slump in the current year.

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Firm interest rates are being cited as the obvious reason for the lack of demand. Vivek Vig Country Head, Retail Centurion Bank of Punjab The two-wheeler has always been an intrinsic part of the Indian milieu.

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