Practice session reflection

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Facilitating Reflection

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Essential Skills For Your VET Diploma Studies

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The Review Session

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Student Assessment 1 At the start of the second counseling session with my client Samantha, I began working toward building a stronger rapport with her by offering her a muffin as well as a bottle of water.

Reflective Practice

Module 2 Handout Social Emotional Teaching Strategies The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning Vanderbilt University H (p. 1/5) Rev. 2/10 Gail E.

Joseph, Ph.D. & Phillip S. Faculty Guide for Reflective Practice Session Goal: 1. Provide an opportunity for students in a small group setting to share prepared reflections with. Skills practice session and reflection assessments A skills practice session is a role play that allows you to try out the skills you have learnt about in your course.

The role play may be completed in class, or you may be required to record the session on video. National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment | 1 knowledge accountability connection self-reflection educate action understand communicate listen learn access quality innovation success.

Review the session with the group, recognizing participants; contributions and the necessity of further reflection. Provide participants with resources, such as written material and upcoming events, to encourage their continued involvement.

Practice session reflection
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The Review Session