Internet has lead to westernization of countries

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Which countries don’t like America and which do

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Internet censorship and surveillance by country

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Western culture

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All of this is why, in my view, the misdiagnosis — that globalization of ideas and practices has to be resisted because it entails dreaded Westernization — is so misplaced. It only incites parochial tendencies and undermines the possibility of objectivity in science and knowledge.

Internet usage worldwide - Statistics & Facts There was an estimate of billion internet users worldwide in This means about 45 percent of the global population accessed the internet that.

Internet Users by Country (2016)

Westernization has been an and cars have been introduced across various parts of the world and copied and created in traditionally non-Western countries. However, Westernization has politics and even to food or culture.

Westernization, to some schools, is seen as a form of globalization that leads the world to be similar with Western. The Internet has altered the structure of the mass media.

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No one has been arrested so far. Saddar police said that Javaid Khan, a resident of Chak JB, had suspected that his wife and Muddassar Jamal from the neighbourhood were having an affair.

Internet has lead to westernization of countries
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