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Simple Rhubarb & Gin Jam

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Problem FAB Sweets Limited, a medium sized producer of candies, lacks the ability to recognize the need to revaluate and sync managerial policy with procedure. As a result of failed expectations between the employer and employees, the psychological contract (Ivancevich pg ) is beginning to fail.

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Case Study Analysis – FAB Sweets Limited

Case -- FAB Sweets Limited. 1 of 3. ORGANIZATIONAL SETTING. FAB Sweets Limited is a manufacturer of high-quality sweets (candies). The company is a medium-sized, family-owned, partially unionized and highly successful confectionary producer in the north of England.

Rhubarb & Gin Jam is made with forced rhubarb and has a beautifully pink colour and a clean, fresh flavour with a gentle hint of vanilla from the seeds which are flecked throughout.

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FAB Sweets Limited is a manufacturer of high-quality sweets (candies). The company is a medium-sized, family-owned, partially unionized and highly successful confectionary producer in the north of England.

The case study is set within a single department in the factory where acute problems.

Fab sweets limited
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