Different cultural practices in the philippines

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What Are Examples of Cultural Practices?

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Funeral practices and burial customs in the Philippines

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Communication for Development (C4D)

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Funeral practices and burial customs in the Philippines Due to different cultures from different part of the Philippines many different burial practices have also emerged from the different tribes.

These funeral practices and cultural beliefs are myths created by these indigenous people to try make sense of the world that they are. If you have company branches in the United States and the Philippines, communications are essential since one workday ends when the other begins.

Health beliefs and cultural practices are an essential part of today’s multicultural society. It is beneficial for medical providers to be aware of the perspectives of different cultures.

Minorities suffer from receiving proper health care because of lack of jobs, no insurance, and their cultural beliefs. Most festivals in Philippines are religious in origin, but nowadays the religious component is usually secondary to the general spirit of celebration.

Philippines has dozens of festivals and most towns have their own in addition to the national ones. Filipino hospitality is legendary and at no time is it more in evidence than at festival time. the different cultural or religious approaches to death and dying. It should not be seen as There are many books written on religion and its practices and rituals in today’s society 4,5,6,7,8.

These cover aspects of death and dying to a far greater extent than is possible in this document. Specific community cultural profiles and subjects related to ethnic groups.

Different cultural practices in the philippines
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