Amputation mishap negligence

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Amputation Mishap; Negligence Essay

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Amputation Mishap; Negligence Essay. Confused by a repeating dream, Joseph Benson wakes up and realizes the wrong leg was amputated - Amputation Mishap; Negligence Essay introduction. Even under the best of circumstances, mishaps such as this one do occur as a result of negligence and cause unnecessary duress to patients.

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Amputation Mishap; Negligence Essay Example

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The article “Amputation mishap, negligence cited” is about the wrong leg amputation of year-old Joseph Benson, a diabetic patient who suffered from poor circulation for five years.


The hospital where he had surgery is experiencing nursing shortage and union problems (Pearson Health Science, ). Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyer Over $1 Billion in Verdicts and Settlements for Our Clients* The Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers at The Law Office of Snyder & Snyder, P.A.

proudly stand up for those who are suffering injuries due to medical negligence.

Amputation mishap negligence
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