A look at the historical practice of castration as a form of punishment

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Penis removal

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The Eighth Amendment

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What is Chemical Castration?

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List of methods of torture

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Petty Theft- Perhaps the. The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment have conducted visits and written reports criticising the surgical castration of sex offenders in the Czech Republic and Germany.

They claim that surgical castration is degrading treatment and have called for an immediate end to this practice. The Czech and German governments have published.

Castration is the deprivation of the power of generation by removing the testicles, and also represents the deprivation of vitality.

It is a practice that has been present throughout history and is present even today. Depending on the culture and era, there have been many different reasons. The practice of castration (removal of the testicles) sometimes involved the removal of all or part of the penis, generally with a tube inserted to keep the urethra open for urination.

Castration has been used to create a class of servants or slaves called eunuchs in many different places and eras. Eunuchs In the OT, Part 2, Castration in Ancient Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia by Bruce L.

Social and historical aspects

Gerig. 34 The fact that the Code of Hammurabi refers to eunuchs and to castration as a form of punishment suggests that eunuchs were already by then a Karlheinz Deller believes that the practice of using eunuchs as court servants by the.

Castration is a topic that both repels and interests, provoking profound feelings of horror and intrigue. Castrates have filled many roles: musician, singer, clergyman, historian, inventor, warrior, general, and .

A look at the historical practice of castration as a form of punishment
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