17 laws of gangster disciples

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Gangster Disciples

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The Constitution And Literature Of The Gangster Disciple Street Gang(Use For Research)

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Kanye West Asks Donald Trump to Pardon Larry Hoover

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The Gang that Could Go Straight

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UPDATE: 32 members of Gangster Disciples gang indicted

Black Gangster Disciples One of the most predominant street gangs now in existence in the Alabama area is the Birmingham-based Black Gangster Disciples (BGDs). The BGDs, an Afro-American street gang also known as the Disciples, has no known connections with the gangs of the same name in the IlIinois or Washington areas.

In the same year King Davis was assassinated, Hoover then formed the Gangster Disciples and King Shorty formed the Black Disciples.

Hoover had a work stoppage at Statesville, and for that he was transferred to Pontiac prison. May 14,  · Originally part of the same organization, the Black Disciples split from the Black Gangster Disciple Nation after the death of founder David Barksdale opened a rift in the gang.

Alleged members of the Gangster Disciples including high-ranking leaders and an Atlanta-area police officer who prosecutors say claimed to be a hit man for the gang have been charged with. With local law enforcement unable to curb the growing drug trade and its resulting violence, a multi-agency task force headed by Assistant U.S.

Attorney Ron Safer focuses on one of the city's most vicious street gangs, the Gangster Disciples. By Steve Neavling unavocenorthernalabama.com An alleged leader of the Gangster Disciples was captured by the FBI and other law enforcement Sunday and is expected to be extradited to Atlanta to be charged with federal racketeering charges.

17 laws of gangster disciples
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Gangster Disciples - Signs and symbols of cults, gangs and secret societies